Commissioned by SJU, Neon & Evenko for their Masuku Venue, we had the privileges to create a stunning visual concept for the great Amon Tobin presenting his side project "Two Fingers". Inspired by an amazing japanese painter, Kayama MATAZO, we builded a medium size video mapping DJ booth (6m wide and almost 3m of height ). The softness of its forms, combined with the hard music provided an unforgetable immersive experience for the crowd. A fantastic project with epic dj's !!!

voxel bird

Composed of Styrofoam and foam-core paper, with a size of 1 meter by 2. Voxel Bird took a very short time to produce. With it we rocked the club Lambi in Montreal boosting the already extraordinary music of “WeAreTheVilla” label.

DJ : Ryan Hemsworth - Toboggan - Jimmy Valmont - $1Bin - Mike Din.


SPOKA is a projection mapping interactive. Spoka is a small night light, it can take its iron armor, trace the history of a life time or reveal its wireframe, the spectator have to choose! He can also move the light and rotate the model to see its most beautiful angle. .

It woks with : Arduino, TouchOSC, TouchDesigner.

Terra Karnaval

TERRA KARNAVAL and GRAND BISOU. For its 30th anniversary, Just For Laughs in collaboration with Roybox and Cirque de Soleil's Guy Laliberté chose Graphics eMotion to produce a large-scale audio-visual projection during the Terra Karnaval and Grand Bisou parades.

The theme was the interpretation of the end of the world and the discovery of a new one, inspired by the imagination and drawings of Montréal's children.

Our team

Stefano Gemmellaro is an Italian visual artist specialized in large scale projections. In Montreal since 2009, he worked on different shows in Canada and United States. From structures to buildings, for clubs and festivals. His collaboration with different companies brought him to work on festivals like the Just for Laughs to the Coachella events in California. For him visual projections are more than just decorations or concepts, they are the tools to awake the infinite stories and emotions that can happen when the appearance of a common structure or building is “diversified” from its everyday look.


Fred Tretout is a French visual artist who is specialized in large scale projection and interactive media. In Montreal since 2009, he worked with many companies creating visuals for world renown shows like the Cirque du Soleil and Montreal en lumiere. His objective is to make bigger and bigger installations, hence to give people the ability to create games with the toys he provides them.


Olivier Delahousse is a French Interactive art engineer specialized in projection mapping and staging. Mostly autodidact and multidisciplinary, its artistic work is composed of many medium such as painting, photography, music, video, virtual reality or furniture design. He likes huge and crazy projects, always seeking to create the most stunning and complete experience, using art and technology to enhance how emotion and knowledge is communicated.


We love technology

Level of Detail is born from the passion of visual arts and music. The combination of the two medium creates the most powerful way of expression and that is what we do : we bring your events to a whole new level trough stunning visual. With different techniques of video mapping and interactivity, coupled to our strong experience and professionalism, we create new ways to enhance your ideas from concept to production. L.O.D services live events, musicians, artists, marketing and communications agencies, stage designers and more. LETS BEAM IT !!


    Motion design, 3D caracters, Stop Motion. We are doing it !


    3D model to map ! Multi projector !

  • INTERACTIVE Experience

    User Interface and games.


    Make some Noise !.
Montréal, Canada


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